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What the heck is a Dirac electron?

By Noel A. García ( INL)

We hear everywhere that electrons in graphene (and some other materials) are "Dirac electrons"... but what is a Dirac electron?

It is an electron that follows the Dirac equation. Easy, right?
This statement is true, but probably not very useful, like the cartoon...

What is spin? (and why do we want to tranport it?)

By José Lado (INL) 

Today I would like to try to explain in a pictorial way what is the spin of the electrons and why it is technologically very appealing to electronic applications. I would like to warn you that I will oversimplify some aspects, so if want to get a more accurate view of any detail, checking Wikipedia is always a great idea. Lets get started then.  



By Joaquín Fernández-Rossier (INL), coordinator of SPINOGRAPH

Welcome to the SPINOGRAPH OUTEACH blog.  This blog expects to explain to the non experts what SPINOGRAPH is all about, including the science (spintronics in graphene) as well as topics related to the workings of a Marie Curie Initial Training Network such as this one.



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