What is the Hall effect and why do we care?

By Francesca Finnochiaro (IMDEA)

What is a Magnetic Tunneling Junction?

By José Luis Sambricio (University of Manchester)

A Magnetic Tunneling Junction (MTJ from now on) is a relatively simple device: it consists on a spacer, typically Aluminium Oxide or Magnesium Oxide sandwiched by two ferromagnets, as depicted in figure 1:


Figure 1. Simple sketch of a MTJ:  a spacer between two ferromagnets.

Where does ferromagnetism come from?

By Josep Ingla-Aynes, University of Groningen

We are all familiar with magnets, we use them every day for different purposes (Our PC does it to store information in the hard drive, the souvenirs that stay atached in the fridge...). In this entry I am going to explain the reason why some solids show such magnetic behavior.


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